Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming

Well kids, the election is over for the majority of America and it is a truly exciting time. Except for us, because our election is being recounted!! So our "victory" party turned out to be more of an ambiguous party, though obviously the overall mood was festive. Now we wait while the voting machines are impounded and recounted, and all the provisional and absentee ballots are hand counted. All in all though, I think we did well, considering we got within less than 1% of a 36 year incumbent. And now the partying begins. Well I guess it more just continues, we're having a boozy brunch and several house parties in the coming week. Yay democracy. And in the mean time, I plan to sleep a lot and watch lots of trash tv.

Also a little sad news on this otherwise happy day- bestselling author and scientist Michael Crichton died of cancer out in LA this morning. Darling Brother and I must have watched Jurassic Park a billion times back in the 90s while imagining that we were the brother-sister team running from the t-rexes and raptors. He will be missed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

thanks for playing

I hope you've all enjoyed getting to know me these past few years and looking at my non-messed up face because there is a distinct possibility I will get beaten up or murdered at the post-campaign party.
ITs been fun.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Secret Lovers

So the office rumor mill has officially got me! I was accused? suspected? I don't know...of having a secret campaign lover! We are friends and he is very nice but there is nothing more than platonic friendship going on. However, the Office Crazy* thinks that we are involved in some capacity and that he tries to make me jealous by flirting with other girls. She thinks this because ALL of the campaign girls had a conversation about how he was cute. Somehow this turned into me loving him and us having a secret affair (he has a girlfriend) and him attempting to make me jealous by having polite conversations with her. But I guess its nice of her to look out for me when my fake boyfriend isn't treating me with proper respect, right?
Now we both know however, and its time to play it up.

*She is the office crazy because she smoked a joint with a stranger on the street one night while working. She also thinks that suicide is a funny matter to joke about for political gain. She also thought one of the other guys was accusing her of being an alcoholic because he happened to drop her off at a bus stop in front of a bar.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Almost Famous

I know what you're thinking- no action for 2 weeks and then 2 posts in a short time? Well deal with it. When it rains, it pours.
As you may know, I'm working on a campaign for a state senate race in NYC. I won't say who its for, since I don't want to be a "liability". I know, all this cloak and dagger secret keeping crap today. Just call me Gossip Girl, bitches!
Anyway, this campaign stuff has been keeping me on my toes lately, I participated in multiple different events from Wednesday-Monday, from rallies and boozy fundraisers to press conferences and Meet the Candidates nights held by pissed off rich white people. Don't I sound important? Well I'm not, so don't get excited.
Anyway, one of these events was a Women's Issues Press Conference- I stood in the back and clapped at the appropriate times. But somehow, an investigatory journalist from a local print news outlet decided to interview me! And I actually made my hellacious soul-destroying tenure as a board member of the Women's Law Caucus sound good! (I focused on the charitable aspects and not the internal struggles and back-biting). Sadly, however, said intrepid girl reporter did not see fit to publish my interview or even quote me. Apparently my biting wit does not translate in one on one interviews. Luckily I did get to be on tv though! And I learned that my face looks terrible when I don't smile.
Lesson learned. I will never again not smile in public.

Down with stupid men

As a disclaimer, this is NOT about all men. Lots of men, in fact most of them, are lovely individuals about whom I could say nothing bad. I have many male friends, family members and acquaintances I would gladly crack some skulls for.
This is about the small subset of men known as Stupid Men. You all know some. You've probably dated (or "dated") some.
There are two men in particular out there who are in big trouble this week, who did very unacceptable things to two very lovely young ladies. I won't give any more details in order to protect confidences. But rest assured that you have incurred my wrath. And as my golf instructor back at Tower Tee in St. Louis County told me, I have "pent-up aggression". So the receiving end of my wrath is not a place you want to be.
That is all.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

as promised

tonight I had not 1 but 2 (!!) drinking events with high school friends.

Sadly, only 1 was on happy terms, but I seriously had a great time tonight. I think its one of those "go away and appreciate" sort of deals but it was so nice to see everyone. And I was fully expecting people to judge/hate/look down on me but everyone was nice and pretty much wonderful. And yes I'm sort of drunk. But feeling the hometown love.
Ok Watching the new south park with the critters who are being cuddly and precious.
I leave you with an awesome pic of our current most famous alum

Monday, October 6, 2008

hay....don't hate me!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Believe it or not I've been busy!
I spent last weekend/week in our nation's capital celebrating the birth of a certain fantastic young lady. Here we are being "informed voters"- playing a debate drinking game.

And believe it or not I'm temporarily employed! I'm working on a state senate campaign in Queens every day from now until election day. Its a temporary fix but in these dire economic times I'm pleased. I won't post much on the actual campaign what with security concerns and all that, but feel free to email/call/etc me if you're interested in more details!
I'll be updating this week with reviews of some of my all time favorite tv shows (of the past few years), some more Cooking for Lazies, and tales from a happy hour with some old friends (super old- like from when I was a wee child).
Later Bitches!